Should you buy garden turf online?

Yes. Buying turf online from reputable turf suppliers is an ideal and modern way to help you create that perfect lawn. But, as with buying anything online, there are certain things you have to consider.

Here at Ivinghoe Turf, we’ve put together 5 handy tips to help you stay safe and secure and to ensure you get the best quality and best value possible when buying turf online.

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 Stick with reputable turf suppliers

This tip seems obvious, but type ‘order turf online’ or ‘turf near me’ into the internet, and you’ll find hundreds of so-called, reputable turf suppliers offering lawn turf delivery online. But how do you know if they’re reputable?

There are many ways to find out if an online business is reputable, including forums and endorsement schemes. A good way to check out a turf supplier however, is to visit the Turfgrass Growers Association website to see if they’re listed.

The TGA (Turfgrass Growers Association) is an association set up to raise the standard of the supply of cultivated turf to the domestic and commercial sector across the UK, and carefully vet each company prior to allowing them membership.

 Use a credit card or secure payment service rather than a debit card, to buy turf online

This rule isn’t just for when you’re buying turf, it stands for whatever you buy online. A credit card or secure payment service offers more protection against fraud than a debit card, and isn’t connected to your main bank account.

The other benefit to using credit cards or secure payment services when buying turf online, is that you get purchase or buyer protection, a type of insurance that covers you, should the turf supplier let you down or go bust.

 Look for the HTTPS on the turf providers website

Whichever turf supplier you decide to buy from, when visiting their website, check that the site has an HTTPS (Hyper Text Transfer protocol) or padlock symbol, to help ensure you’ve visited a legitimate website. 

This tip is really about internet safety whenever you’re online, but is arguably more important when making an online purchase, for turf or any other purchase, whether a physical object, an app or an eBook etc.

Be wary of offers on turf that sound too good to be true

When searching online for cheap turf or turf deals, you’re likely to come across deals that sound far too good to be true. Be very wary of these deals, as they really are usually ‘too good to be true’.

Many reputable turf providers sell good quality cheap turf, but the price offered will still take into consideration the costs involved in every part of the turf production process, and anything below the stated price, would mean a reduction in turf quality.

Contact your turf provider

Some turf suppliers sell online-only and don’t provide direct contact to a turf expert. Although we wouldn’t suggest this is a reason to avoid these companies, we’d recommend opting for companies that do offer expert advice if needed.

The reason for this is, that unless you are an expert in grass turf, you may not know the best type of turf for your lawn, or how to work out how much turf you might need etc., and to get this sort of advice direct from an expert, is priceless.

Order Turf Online

If you’re looking to buy turf online, visit today. As TGA members, we’ve been vetted to the highest standards, source all our turf from the UKs best turf growers, and provide all the expert advice you need.


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