How to repair damaged turf

If you have turf that is barren and is showing signs of wear and tear it is important to repair your lawn as soon as possible, not only will it improve the aesthetic appearance of your garden turf but it will also prevent weeds from growing through. If your lawn turf is in need of treatment it’s ideal to start working on repairs during the spring time.

You can repair your garden turf by using turf or by using grass seeds.

How to repair damaged lawn using turf:

Cut out the damaged area of turf ideally in a square to help you measure up replacement turf later on. Use a half moon edging iron to cut your garden turf then use a spade to lift it.

The next step is to carefully fork over the soil at the base of the area where you have just removed the turf.

Then by using a piece of turf from your garden where it will not be missed or by using new garden turf, cut an identical piece of lawn turf to replace the damaged area. Using a piece of turf from your garden will also ensure that the colour will be the same.

Damaged turf area

Cut out the damaged area of turf

Once you have laid the new garden turf brush a sandy lawn top-dressing into the crevices.

Finally continue to water until your lawn has completely bedded in.

How to repair turf using grass seed:

Again you will have to remove the damaged area of turf using a half moon edging tool and then lift the turf out using a spade.

Just as you would when using garden turf instead of grass seed you will need to lightly fork over the soil at the base of the area you just removed.

Grass Seed

Using Grass Seed

Using a combination of firstly grass seed and then topsoil cover the area and then water the area. Check daily to see if the grass seeds have begun to grow.

If you need garden turf to replace any damaged turf here at Ivinghoe Turf we have a range of high quality fresh garden turf available. We grow our turf in our very own fields in Ivinghoe, Buckinghamshire and deliver across Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire. Our turf is available to buy online or contact our customers advisor team who will be happy to assist with your enquiry.

We also source and supply high quality topsoil. Topsoil is the uppermost layer of soil and provides newly laid turf with essential nutrients that allow new lawn turf to thrive. Topsoil is also available to buy online. As well as topsoil and garden turf we also supply grass seed.

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