How To Lay Topsoil

This step by step guide to laying topsoil is a reference to using topsoil before you begin laying garden turf. Topsoil can be of great benefit to newly laid lawn turf. If your current layer of soil appears to be barren and of poor quality then topsoil can be an ideal source to provide essential nutrients to new garden turf. Topsoil is the uppermost layer of soil that allows turf or plants to bury their roots to gain nutrients to allow them to thrive.

To lay topsoil:

1. Remove all existing material from the top of the ground; mulch, gravel or grass by using a flat edged shovel to scrape underneath and place it out of the way.

2. Next you will need to spread the topsoil in large piles around the edge of the area you’re about to work on.

3. With the use of a wide-toothed rake or shovel to move the topsoil around your area until you have worked an even surface, ideally four to six inches deep.

How to lay topsoil

How to lay topsoil

4. To ensure that your topsoil is at the required depth use a ruler to measure if it meets the specific requirements.

5. Your next step will require you to place a tiller at the very edge of your topsoil and set the blade depth as deep as possible. Use the tiller to mix the topsoil into the underlying soil.

6. To make the top of the surface as smooth and even as possible use a take and rake the top of the surface.

Raking topsoil

Rake your topsoil for a smooth surface

7. For an even greater finish, use a lawn roller and use it on your prepared area to firm your topsoil even more.

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