How much does a new garden lawn cost?

Striped Lawn Turf

Before you begin laying a brand new garden lawn it’s perfectly reasonable to want to know how much it is going to cost you overall.

How much does a brand new turf lawn cost?

There are many factors that will influence the total cost of your garden lawn – obviously, the size of your garden is the most impactful, but you will also need to consider the type of turf that you are laying, whether the soil you are laying the turf on is suitable for growing healthy grass as well as whether you are laying the turf yourself or employing a professional. Unless you are collecting it yourself, you will also need to factor in the cost of delivering the turf rolls and supplies to you.

Calculate how much garden turf you need

The most important consideration when buying a new garden lawn is obviously the size of your garden.
We sell our turf in rolls that cover 1 square meter each and larger gardens will need more rolls than smaller ones.

Thankfully it’s extremely easy to work out how many rolls of lawn turf you will need using our turf calculator and instant quotation system.

Turf Calculator

Use a tape measure to get the width and length of the area you want to lay new turf onto – remember it’s always better to buy slightly more turf (we recommend 5% extra) than you need to allow for cutting and trimming to size.

Our prices are in square meter measurements but our turf calculator can easily and instantly convert your imperial dimensions into a single metric value.

Instant Turf Quote

Using the value from our turf calculator you can then get an instant and upfront quote for rolls of garden turf from our website, including delivery and VAT. We believe in being upfront and don’t conceal the delivery cost or tax from you until the last moment.

Choose the grade of turf you require

Not all grass is created equally and we usually offer a variety of different garden turf grades.
If you’re just looking for a hard-wearing family garden lawn a cheaper grade may be perfect for your needs.

However, for a more fertile lawn that stays greener all year round the cost per square meter will be higher.
Using our website you can easily compare our variety of turf types side by side and make a decision on the type that best suits your needs and budget.

Soil Quality

Plants or grass are only as good as the soil they are growing in.
If the soil you are laying your new lawn onto does not have a high enough level of nutrition you will find your lawn quickly loses it’s colour and won’t be as strong and resilient.

Topsoil is the topmost layer of soil directly beneath your garden lawn. Garden turf does not grow deep roots and so the quality of this soil is critical to the health and appearance of the lawn.

If you also need topsoil you will need to factor this into the cost of your new lawn. Topsoil can also be used to level a garden lawn for a nice flat end result.

We sell topsoil by the bag, and prices can be compared instantly, including delivery costs, on our website just like our turf.

Laying Cost

Another consideration in regards to cost is whether you are planning on laying your new garden lawn yourself or would prefer to employ a professional to carry out the work for you.

If you’re handy or green thumbed it’s perfectly possible to carry out the work yourself, although this can be hard work, especially if you are removing an old garden lawn first.

Check out our turf laying guide for some tips.


The final factor to consider is the delivery of your turf and topsoil if required.

Garden turf and topsoil is very bulky and heavy and sometimes requires specialist equipment to deliver to you. Turf and topsoil for a large garden can often require an entire lorry to deliver.

We’re completely upfront with our delivery prices on our website – and using your postcode can give you a complete cost in seconds.
If you’re local to our farm you can save a lot of money by collecting your new lawn and topsoil yourself.

We hope you found this information helpful – but we’re always on hand to discuss your brand new garden lawn if you need a hand, just give our friendly team a call.

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