Help Your Garden Lawn After Winter

Although garden turf is very hardy and resilient, freezing weather, less sunlight and snow and ice can be difficult for a garden lawn over the colder winter months.

As the cold weather starts to subside it’s time to repair the damage done and get your garden lawn looking it’s best for the spring and summer. Here are some expert lawn tips below to help your lawn out after winter:

1. Clear Your Lawn

Fallen leaves, grass clippings and debris can smother your lawn, trap moisture and increase lawn diseases. Use a light rake or brush to remove anything covering your lawn and ensure it is dry and the sunlight is able to reach it.

2. Re-Seed Your Lawn

Due to the lack of sunlight over the winter months, it is likely that some areas of your lawn may die off, especially those in already shaded areas. 

Once the nights start to draw out and the temperature increases to where it is consistently 13°C+ – sprinkle grass seed over the patchy areas so new lawn can begin to cultivate and grow there. After 2 or 3 weeks the new lawn should start to germinate and fill in the patches.

3. Stay Off Your Lawn

Your garden lawn is more fragile after surviving the winter months – so stay off of it as much as practical when it is wet or frosty. Any blades of grass that are damaged will not repair themselves until the following spring.

Luckily the garden isn’t so tempting when it’s cold outside, so its easier to give your lawn a break when it needs it.

4. Give Your Lawn Some Air

Punch holes into the soil under your garden lawn with a gardening fork – this will relieve soil compaction, improve drainage and allow more air into your lawns root system – boosting it’s overall health and allowing it to recover more quickly.


We hope this short guide is helpful in caring for your lawn grass during the winter. The colder months are a quiet time for lawn maintenance, just keep the area tidy and enjoy the time off from gardening.

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