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Turf in Tring

Lawn turf and topsoil supplied in Tring

Garden Turf in Tring Area

Over the past 3 decades Ivinghoe Turf have been refining, manufacturing and producing high quality turf to surrounding areas. We are pleased to be able to deliver our luscious garden turf to gardens in Tring, Hertfordshire.

We are able to offer our customers a wide range of our homegrown turf as well as being able to import turf rolls from third party providers such is our dedication to ensuring that we can meet each individuals needs in Tring.

With the use of our own delivery vehicles and just 12 minutes heart of Tring we are able deliver turf rolls directly to your door, allowing you to enjoy your new garden lawn faster.

Please contact our friendly customers service team at Ivinghoe Turf for further advice on ordering your turf or complete your order online.

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Turf Delivered to Tring

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Topsoil Delivered to Tring

To help ensure that your new turf has every chance of bedding in and having a long lasting life we believe that using topsoil (the topmost layer of soil directly below turf) will benefit your new lawn greatly. Topsoil allows the roots of the turf to find the nutrients they need to allow for healthy growth.

We sell our own topsoil by the bag and each bag holds enough soil to cover 30m² area at a depth of 2cm's.

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High-Quality Garden Turf

For hard-wearing attractive garden turf Ivinghoe Turf have a wide range of turf options to fit your specific requirements.

Through our wealth of experience in growing and harvesting turf we know what seed mixes make the best possible turf for your garden.

We base our turf on a variety of seed mixes including rye based mixes which allows for quick growth and the ability to quickly recover after heavy use.

Lawn Turf to Fit Your Requirements

Whether you're looking for an affordable turf option that is durable and looks great we have out Ivinghoe Family Turf. For a turf that has an exceptional appearance and soft feel our Ivinghoe Super Lawn could be exactly what your garden needs.

Using our website you can quickly order turf online. To speak to one of our team contact us on 01296 661939 and we will be happy to assist in helping your order the right amount of turf and the best turf for your garden.

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