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Turf in Luton

Lawn turf and topsoil supplied in Luton

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Ivinghoe Turf offer a wide range of high quality garden turf across Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire including in Luton.

Located in the heart of the home counties, in the small Buckinghamshire village of Ivinghoe sitting in the shadow of Ivinghoe Beacon, Ivinghoe Turf has been growing, harvesting and supplying high quality lawn turf to the Luton area for nearly 30 years.

Due to our close proximity to Luton, and our three decades of experience growing, harvesting and delivering turf directly to gardens we are perfectly positioned to offer exceptional service to customers in Luton and its surrounding areas.

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TopSoil Delivered to Luton

We also supply high quality Top Soil to Luton and the surrounding area, perfect for the successful establishment of newly laid turf.

Click the link below, select the number of bags and enter the first two letters of your postcode and our online topsoil price calculator will determine the total cost of delivering topsoil to you.

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Fresh Lawn Turf Delivered to Luton

Use our online turf price calculator to determine the cost of our garden turf delivered to the Luton area, simply enter the amount of turf needed along with the first two letters of your postcode to receive a quotation.

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Premium Garden Turf in Luton

At Ivinghoe Turf we grow a wide range of garden turf grown in our very own fields in Ivinghoe. We use carefully selected seed mixes to ensure that we can deliver on our promise of offering the finest possible garden turf to you.

From Rye based turf which allows the turf to remain hard-wearing and attractive to our high quality durable Premium Turf which has no Rye Grass sown into the mix but instead uses Kentucky Blue Grass to give our Premium Turf it's soft and luxurious feel and allows the turf to retain it's durable properties.

High-Quality Turf in Luton

Our hard-wearing turf rolls are perfect for decorative and practical purposes and are utilised by a wide variety of customers across the Luton area. Our high quality turf is quick to repair and resistant to disease making it ideal for a family garden.

You can buy turf online or alternatively speak to one of our friendly customer services team on 01296 661939 who will be happy to assist with helping you work out how much turf you require and the right turf option your garden needs in Luton.

Fresh Grown Garden Turf
Online Turf Rolls in Luton

Fresh High-Quality Turf across Luton

To ensure that you get the freshest high quality garden turf choose Ivinghoe Turf. We make sure that our turf is delivered direct from the field to your door. This allows us to make sure that the turf we deliver is fresh and ready for laying by the time it reaches your garden.

Ideally by the time your garden turf has been delivered to your home in Luton your garden will be fully prepared for laying turf. Ensure your garden is ready by removing your existing layer of turf by using a spade or a turf cutter. Clear the area of all remaining roots, weeds and stones during the removal process. Keep a flat and even laying surface and dig the entire area down using a fork to approximately six inches.

The next stage is to cover the entire area of your garden with a layer of topsoil. Just as you would with choosing your turf it is vital that you choose the best possible topsoil for your garden. Topsoil is the uppermost layer of soil and provides new garden turf with essential nutrients to the turf allowing new turf to thrive.

Lawn Turf Supplier in Luton

It is vital for new turf delivered to you to be laid as soon as possible. Turf begins to deteriorate the longer it is rolled up. Ideally you will need to begin laying garden turf within 24 hours of delivery. If this is not possible keep your turf rolls in a shaded area. Begin laying turf keeping it along a straight edge from one end of your garden to the other, continue this procedure producing a similar pattern to brickwork. You will need to make sure the grass has full contact with the topsoil throughout the laying process. It is an ideal practice to avoid walking on the lawn turf during the laying process to prevent footprints, by using a crawling board you can ensure that your turf remains flat and smooth. Avoid using small pieces of garden turf along the edges as turf tends to dry out. Cut off any overlapping excess of lawn turf using a sharp blade or lawn edger tool.

Now your turf is laid it is essential to water your newly laid turf, ideally water in the evenings to keep evaporation to a minimum.

Keep a close eye on your new lawn by lifting a corner of the turf every few days or so. After a short while you will begin to see the roots of the lawn turf to take to the soil. Continue to water until the turf has completely settled.

For a complete guide see our turf laying resource. For further details on lawn maintenance our turf blog is updated regularly with tips and guides on growing the perfect garden lawn.