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Turf in High Wycombe

Lawn turf and topsoil supplied in High Wycombe

Garden Turf in High Wycombe Area

High Wycombe has been receiving turf from Ivinghoe Turf now for over 30 years.

Based in Ivinghoe just 40 minutes away from High Wycombe, Ivinghoe Turf can either deliver turf direct to your door or your welcome to collect the turf yourself.

Ivinghoe Turf grow a wide range of turf to suit all your your requirements and our experienced sales team are only too happy to talk through the options with you.

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  • High-Quality Turf Rolls in High Wycombe
  • Lawn Turf in High Wycombe
  • Turf Rolls in High Wycombe

TopSoil Delivered to High Wycombe

We recommend laying your fresh garden turf onto a bed of Top Soil to give all the vital ingredients in the first stage of life.

Top Soil is available in large bags either delivered direct to your door or available to collect direct from us in Ivinghoe.

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Turf Delivered to High Wycombe

If you are struggling to work out how much turf is required than a turf calculator can be found on this website to assist you with the calculations.

Once you have calculated how much turf is required then simply add the first 2 letters of your postcode and you will obtain a price inclusive of delivery. Alternatively, you can collect the turf yourself from us in Ivinghoe.

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High-Quality Lawn Turf in High Wycombe

Unlike many turf suppliers in the area, at Ivinghoe Turf as well as supplying a huge variety of turf grades we also grow a variety of turf types from our very own fields in Ivinghoe.

Ivinghoe Family Turf

Our Ivinghoe Family Turf is suitable for our customers looking for a hard-wearing lawn that will withstand heavy usage from families and pets. Our family grade receives the same weed treatments as all of our other grades however the longer establishment means that it may have develop some grasses which vary from the initial feeding.

Ivinghoe Lawn Turf

Popular with landscapers for its attractiveness and durability, our lawn turf grade is high in quality and will look good all year round. This seed mix also allows for rapid recovery whilst offering heavy traffic capabilities.

Fresh Grown Garden Turf
Online Turf Rolls in High Wycombe

Prepare Your Lawn for Laying

Ideally by the time your garden turf has been delivered to your home in Luton your garden will be fully prepared for laying turf. Ensure your garden is ready by removing your existing layer of turf by using a spade or a turf cutter. Clear the area of all remaining roots, weeds and stones during the removal process. Keep a flat and even laying surface and dig the entire area down using a fork to approximately six inches.