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Turf in Dunstable

Lawn turf and topsoil supplied in Dunstable

High-Quality Turf and Topsoil Supplier in Dunstable

Ivinghoe Turf have been growing, harvesting and delivering lawn turf to the Dunstable area for over 30 years.

Unlike many of our competitors who are simply suppliers; we both grow our own garden turf and offer a complete range of externally sourced high quality products.

Due to our close proximity to Dunstable, and our 3 decades of experience growing, selling and delivering turf directly to gardens we are uniquely positioned to offer exceptional service to customers in Dunstable and its surrounding areas.

We're able to quickly deliver large or smaller quantities of turf and topsoil to areas around Dunstable such as Leighton Buzzard, Toddington, Ampthill and Flitwick.

When choosing the right Grass Lawn turf, our sales team are available to help you. Choosing the right turf for your conditions is vital to a good start in life.

We also deliver nationwide across the whole of the UK.

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  • Turf Rolls in Dunstable

TopSoil Delivered to Dunstable

We also supply high quality Top Soil to Dunstable and the surrounding area, perfect for the successful establishment of newly laid turf.

Click the link below, select the number of bags and the first two letters of your postcode and our online topsoil price calculator will determine the total cost of delivering the topsoil to you.

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Turf Delivered to Dunstable

Use our online turf price calculator to determine the cost of our garden turf delivered to the Dunstable area, simply enter the square meterage of turf along with the first two letters of your postcode.

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Premium Quality Garden Turf

Here at Ivinghoe Turf we have been growing a variety of hard-wearing garden turf options right here in our very own fields in Ivinghoe. We use our wealth of experience to identify the best seed mixes that grow the most attractive and durable garden turf for your garden.

We supply turf with rye based mixes to allow turf to establish quickly and also repair itself after heavy use. Our Ivinghoe super lawn is Rye based turf, it has an excellent resistance to diseases and is a highly versatile garden turf which is easy to lay. We also have the Ivinghoe lawn turf which is also Rye based and is incredibly durable and can handle heavy and prolonged use.

You can buy turf directly through our website. Alternatively contact one of our friendly customer advisors who will happy to guide you through selecting the right amount of turf as well as the best type of turf for your garden.

Fresh Grown Garden Turf
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The Fresh Turf Difference

To ensure you are getting the best turf possible choose your local garden turf supplier - Ivinghoe Turf. Our turf is cut straight from the fields or sourced from a trusted third party and delivered direct to your home ensuring that the turf we supply is the freshest turf we can possibly offer.

When laying new garden turf ensure that you lay turf as soon as possible after your turf has arrived. See our garden turf laying guide as to how to successfully lay garden turf. For regularly updated information on how to maintain and improve your turf visit our garden turf blog.