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Turf in Aylesbury

Lawn turf and topsoil supplied in Aylesbury

Fresh Garden Turf and Topsoil Supplier in Aylesbury

Ivinghoe Turf is an independent, family run company offering excellent quality, home grown garden turf in the Aylesbury area. Located at the base of the Chiltern Hills with its ideal growing conditions we grow our own turf and have a well established distribution network for both local delivery and delivery further afield. Located only 10 miles from Aylesbury we are your local turf supplier for quality fresh garden turf. Everyone knows that grass and a nice lawn is at the heart of a perfect British garden.

Whether you require a small amount of lawn turf for a family garden in the Aylesbury area or a large amount for a commercial or recreation space around the Chilterns we can supply your needs. We also sell and deliver top soil from our Buckinghamshire base. The use of good quality topsoil as a base for your new lawn will greatly improve the establishment of the garden turf.

When choosing the correct lawn turf, our sales team are here to help you make the correct decision.

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Turf Delivered to Aylesbury

We have a handy online turf calculator to help you work out the area of lawn turf you need for your garden or open space.

Use this to calculate the quantity of turf to order. Enter the amount along with the first 2 digits of your postcode to calculate total cost including delivery to Aylesbury.

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TopSoil Delivered to Aylesbury

We can deliver high-grade top soil to Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire and beyond. Help your new lawn to establish perfectly with a topsoil base.

Use our online topsoil price calculator to calculate the cost and delivery of your topsoil.

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Premium Quality Garden Turf

As a turf supplier for more than three decades we grow a variety of turf products grown using a selection of carefully chosen seed mixes.

Most of our turf is grown using a Rye based seed mix. The benefits of using a Rye based mix is that is provides the grass with hard-wearing properties and also gives the grass it's ability to repair itself, in particular following heavy use your garden.

Our Ivinghoe Premium turf is grown using a Kentucky Blue Grass mix instead of a Rye based mix. Ivinghoe Premium has the hard-wearing property associated with Rye grass but also has an outstanding appearance and a soft luxurious feel. It is also shade and drought tolerant making Ivinghoe Premium a robust and durable garden turf option.

Order Turf Online

By using our website you can order turf online. To speak to one of our customer advisors call us on 01296 661939 where one of our friendly team members will be happy to guide you in choosing the best turf for your garden.

Fresh Grown Garden Turf
Online Turf Rolls in Aylesbury

The Fresh Turf Difference

To ensure that your order of turf is delivered to your home is as fresh as possible choose your local turf supplier - Ivinghoe Turf.

Every roll of turf that we deliver is cut straight from our fields in Ivinghoe or sourced from a reputable third party, to ensure all the turf we deliver is fresh and ready for laying in your garden.

Turf Laying

It is vital for your new turf to be laid within 24 hours of being delivered to your garden in Aylesbury. Once your turf is laid make sure you water regularly, ideally in the evenings to keep evaporation at a minimum and mow on dry days.

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For more information we have a host of handy resources such as our lawn care guide, turf laying guide and our regularly updated news blog.