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If you're wondering how much it will cost to replace the lawn turf in your garden, our website can give you an instant, no-nonsense cost.
All you need to do is measure the width and length of your garden to work out the square meter measurement of it. If you need some help with this step, our online turf size calculator can help guide you.

Once you know how many square meters of turf you need simply enter this number and the postcode of where you'd like the turf delivered and our website can provide an instantaneous price for each grade of lawn turf we supply. Our prices already include VAT and delivery costs - we don't hide any of our costs so there is no surprise once you've reached the end of the checkout process.

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The three most important factors that affect the price of re-turfing your garden are the size of your garden, the grade of turf you opt for and where in the country you live. An average garden is about 50-100 square metres in size and we recommend you add an extra 5% to your measurements when purchasing turf to account for any trimming or accidents that might happen when laying your new turf. There is nothing more annoying than being a few rolls of turf short of your brand new garden lawn.

Lawn turf is not an expensive product to buy, even when it is freshly grown like ours. The grade of turf you decide on will have somewhat of an impact on the final price - although not as much as having a huge garden would.

Delivery is a major thing to consider when ordering lawn turf rolls. Garden turf is large and bulky and needs to be properly cared for when it is being couriered.
It requires special care and equipment to transport as well as unloading at the destination. That is why delivery can make up a substantial portion of the cost of ordering new turf. We allow customers to collect turf from us directly themselves if they wish to save on delivery, but if you are ordering more than a few square metres of turf you'll need to ensure you have a vehicle large enough to transport it and are willing to do the work hauling it in and out whilst getting dirty in the process.

Lawn Turf Delivered

At Ivinghoe Turf we use our own fleet of specialised transport vehicles to deliver your lawn turf and topsoil orders wherever we can. Our local delivery fleet operates throughout Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire & Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Oxfordshire and Northamptonshire.

Ivinghoe Turf is built around the core aim of offering the freshest lawn grass possible. Our entire business and this website are structured to allow us to cut your order fresh from our fields and deliver it directly to your address, keeping the time turf is spend rolled up away from the earth to an absolute minimum. Completely fresh lawn turf is much faster to establish after it is laid and the end result is a greener, healthier grass lawn that you can enjoy for many years to come.

Fresh Harvested Garden Lawn Turf

Quality Hard Wearing Turf

Our lawn turf is extremely hard-wearing, which makes it perfect for families with children or pets. Our turf can withstand the rough and tumble of family football matches, garden parties and paws running up and down fetching sticks whilst still looking great.

Grass Turf UK

If you're looking for garden turf in the South East of England - we strongly believe we offer one of the easiest methods of getting your hands on freshly grown UK garden turf. Here at Ivinghoe Turf we've been growing, harvesting and transporting hard wearing rolls of turf for over 35 years.
Our low maintenance lawn turf is perfect for decorative and family gardens of all types. Our turf is widely used by gardeners, house builders, contractors and landscapers across Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Oxfordshire and Northamptonshire to create beautiful garden lawns.
We grow our lawn turf using a variety of carefully selected seed mixes which provides our turf with its hard wearing property as well as its soft feel and durability. Our turf is quick repairing making it ideal for your family garden.

The best all round garden turf is created from a mixture of grass seed species rather than just one. A blend of ryegrass, smooth stalked meadow and fescue grass will result in a good balance of aesthetic appeal and ability to withstand frequent use. We offer a range of different pre-grown turf rolls, some are designed to be as hard-wearing as possible and recover rapidly from rough and tumble usage whilst others are more of a balance of resilience and uniform appearance.

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