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Each roll of turf covers 1 square metre - 60cm x 162cm (24" x 64")

1Ivinghoe Lawn Turf

Ivinghoe Lawn is a hardy grade of turf that is grown for its hard wearing properties and attractive appearance.

Ivinghoe Lawn Turf Information

It is suitable for the customer looking for a lawn that will look good and withstand heavy traffic throughout the year.

The seed mix allows for rapid recovery in areas that are heavily used.

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2Inturf Classic Turf - Our Best Quality Turf

Inturf Classic Turf - Our Best Quality Turf Information

Better grass seed with very hard-wearing quality.

Grown on better soil - Turf very fertile.

Excellent all-round appearance.

Good year-round colour.

Suitable for children and pets.

High drought tolerance.

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3Ivinghoe Family Turf

Ivinghoe Family is suitable for customers who are looking for a budget grade, hard wearing lawn that will stand up to the rough and tumble of use from families and pets.

Ivinghoe Family Turf Information

We cannot guarantee the Ivinghoe Family grade will be taken from the same field area consistently.

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About our garden turf

For over 30 years, Ivinghoe Turf has been growing, harvesting and delivering rolls of garden lawn turf in Bedfordshire.
As quality turf suppliers all of our lawn turf is cut to order and delivered directly to your doorstep - it's the freshest turf you can get.

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Where can I buy turf?

Our turf is available to buy directly for delivery online, by calling us on 0800 043 5061 or ordering and collecting directly from our farm in Ivinghoe, Bedfordshire.