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What’s the best way to measure my lawn?

Before buying your turf, you will need to know the size of the area to be turfed in square metres. To do this, you have a few different options, including:

By strides – The average, adult stride is about a metre long, so by simply counting the number of strides lengthways and widthways and then multiplying them together, you’ll get a pretty good idea of the metres squared.

e.g. 24 strides x 9 strides = 216 m2

Using a standard tape measure – The average UK garden is about 15m in length, so there won’t be many tape measures that long. So make sure to use markers where the tape ends and add the measurements together. Once you have the length and the width, simply multiply for the metres squared.

Count the fence panels – Most standard fence panels are 6ft (2.8m) in length, so simply add them all up for the width and length and multiply in the same way you would for the methods above.

Use a laser measure – Laser tape measures are a great, modern tool for measuring a lawn, just make sure to put an object at the edge of the lawn for the laser to bounce off.

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