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What is the best time of year to lay turf?

You can lay garden turf pretty much any time of year, apart from when it's literally freezing outside. However, the easiest and best time of year to lay turf is either early spring or mid-autumn, when it's not too wet, frosty or dry.

You can lay turf in summer but there are a few drawbacks: firstly, as it rains much less and existing water evaporates, you'll likely need to water your lawn frequently yourself rather than relying on the weather to do it for you.Secondly: summer is the time of year when you want to be out enjoying your garden, so it's not an ideal time of year to let newly laid turf rest and establish roots in the ground.

You may be surprised to learn that winter is, mostly, also a good time to lay new rolls of turf. Grass is a pretty hardy plant in general, so unless the ground is frozen over it should be fine to lay your turf during this season. Rolls of turf actually keep a little longer in damp cold conditions, rather when it's hot and they start drying out, so this is an extra benefit.

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