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What is the best landscaping turf?

Different landscaping projects require different types of turf, but there are certain points to consider when choosing the right turf for your project. One of the main points is what will the turfed area be used for?

If it’s simply an ornamental lawn with little traffic, then it’s perfectly ok to use a high-quality, fine turf, the type you might see on a bowling green. But, do bear in mind, this type of turf does require a strict maintenance routine, as it is prone to disease and doesn’t repair easily.

For a landscaping project where you expect more traffic and various hilly and shady areas, such as a golf course or children’s play area, you’ll need something a little more hardwearing, such as Ivinghoe Lawn Turf.

Ivinghoe Lawn Turf consists of a blend of seeds designed to look attractive all year round, be resilient to medium to heavy pedestrian traffic, and to have a rapid repair rate, should it get damaged.

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