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Should you put sand down before laying turf?

Sand is great for providing drainage for a garden lawn, however, nutrient-rich topsoil is the best material to use directly under a garden lawn.

If you're on a tight budget or need to level a large area of your garden; we offer a screened soil product that contains sharp sand but is designed to be suitable specifically for laying garden lawns. Sharp sand is coarser than builders sand and better for gardens. Don't be tempted to use builders sand as this is too fine and not strong enough for under a lawn. All of our soil is screened (think a big industrial sieve) to 15mm to get rid of any huge chunks of rock or glass.

Ideally, you want our nutrient-rich blended topsoil directly under your garden lawn though, even if you use a cheaper product for further down. Our high quality blended topsoil is taken partly from sugar beet fields to ensure it contains valuable horticultural properties. The importance of using quality topsoil can’t be overstated in its relationship to a thriving, healthy garden lawn.

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