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Should you compact topsoil before laying turf?

Yes, you should compact topsoil before laying lawn turf, but it’s important to get just the right amount of compaction to give the turf’s root system the best chance of establishing.

For the best results follow these 4 steps:

1. Once you’ve dug out the area to be turfed (about 6 inches deep), add enough nutrient rich topsoil to create a roughly two inch layer.

2. Lightly compact this layer to remove air gaps by walking heel-to-heel over the area. Don’t be tempted to tread too firmly, as you may end up restricting the turf’s roots and preventing vital nutrients from being absorbed.

3. With the first layer down, add another layer, again about two inches. Lightly rake this second layer before repeating the heel-to-heel process of compacting.

4. Next, add the third and final layer. No need to tread this layer down, just rake it until it’s level and ready for laying your garden turf rolls.

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