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Should I mix manure into my lawn topsoil?

If you can get hold of it, manure is a great addition to lawn topsoil. But, before you get mixing there are a couple of questions to ask, such as:

How fresh is the manure?

If manure is too fresh, the high amounts of nitrogen and ammonia have the potential to burn the new grass shoots or the roots of your turf. To solve the problem, put fresh manure in your compost bin or make a pile at the end of the garden and let it rot down for around six months. If, during that time the smell gets too bad, you could always cover it with odourless composting material such as dried leaves or newspaper.

Is the manure pure?

Wherever you decide to buy your manure, make sure to ask your supplier whether it’s been sprayed with any additional chemicals. Questions like this help to avoid damaging your lawn or tainting your topsoil.

Which animal did the manure come from?

Different animals produce manure with varying properties and levels of chemical elements. For example, poultry manure has a slightly higher level of phosphorous than sheep, goat or cow manure and is more likely to burn plants. If you buy bagged manure it should be clearly labelled, but, it’s always best to check to reduce the risk of damaging your lawn by adding excessive amounts of one element or another.

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