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How do you bring turf back to life?

If your turf is looking a bit worse for wear, before looking where to buy lawn turf and replacing it completely, there are a few things you could try to bring it back to life, including:

Find out why – Lawns can deteriorate for many different reasons, such as disease, excessive use, or neglect. So before doing anything, find out why your lawn is looking like it is and address the problem.

Get rid of the weeds – Assuming your lawn isn’t diseased, but is simply looking bad due to neglect, the first thing to do is rake off the weeds. Weeds fight for nutrients on a lawn, so to help your old lawn thrive again, it’s best there isn’t any competition.

You could use a weedkiller or moss killer at this point, but bear in mind, many weedkillers inhibit new grass, so using it could hinder rather than help the situation.

Apply lawn repair products – There are products available that combine fertiliser, seed and soil enhancers, but you’d do just as well applying these items separately, depending on the severity of your lawns deterioration.

Water it – One of the main reasons turf deteriorates is through lack of water or too much water. To solve this issue, devise a watering schedule based on the time of year and the amount of rainfall, and stick to it.

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