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How do I treat dog urine patches on my lawn?

If your lawn is prone to the unsightly yellowy-brown dead patches caused by dog urine, there are various things you can do, including:

  • Using a hose to wash the urine away, before it has the chance to cause a problem.
  • Digging up and reseeding the area.
  • Using a liquid lawn repair treatment.

But, as with many things, prevention is often better than cure. Below are three ways to help prevent your dog urinating on your lawn:

  1. Plant a lawn cover: Create a lawn cover by planting tougher grass, such as ryegrass in the area your dog urinates the most. You could also plant clover or another type of lawn cover, that looks attractive yet repairs quickly.
  2. Increase your dogs’ water intake: Keeping your dog correctly hydrated helps dilute the urine and reduce the acidity.
  3. Use a different fertiliser: Dog urine contains quite high levels of nitrogen, so by switching to a fertiliser with a lower nitrogen content your lawn doesn’t get overloaded with nitrogen.
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