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How do I grow wildflowers in my lawn?

Over time, wildflowers will grow naturally in most lawns. Some people simply see these plants as pests, whereas others encourage their growth for aesthetic reasons as well as a way to encourage wildlife. Below we’ve listed three ways to give your garden a wildflower makeover:

1. Let them grow – By simply not mowing your lawn you will eventually see wildflowers appear. But, if having an unkempt lawn fills you with dread, why not just keep a section un-mowed and see what develops?

2. Use wildflower seeds – Most good nurseries sell a wide range of wild flower seeds that you can sow directly into your lawn. To do it, all you need to do is lift the turf in the area you want the wildflowers, rake over the soil and scatter the seeds. Water them in as you would grass seed, but there’s no need to cover them.

3. Use plug plants – Buying wildflowers as plug plants and introducing them into your lawn in the same way you would bulbs, is a great way to create a controlled, wildflower lawn.

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