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How do I care for my new lawn?

To make sure you’re doing all you can to care for your new lawn, follow these 5 simple rules:

1. Keep it watered: Once your lawn is laid, the most important thing is to keep it well watered. This means not allowing the ground beneath the turf to dry out, but it also means not saturating it, so water regularly but carefully.

2. Don’t walk on it: Avoid walking on your new lawn for at least 3 weeks after laying and also avoid heavy traffic for at least 3 months.

3. Mow carefully: Mowing a new lawn for the first time can be worrying, so before mowing, lightly tug various patches of grass around the lawn to check if it’s well rooted. If there’s sufficient resistance, you’re ready to mow.

Just before you start to mow, make sure your mower is in good working order, the blades are sharp and set to their highest setting so that you only cut about 25% off each blade of grass.

4. Feed it: Just before laying turf, you should have used a pre-turfing feed, but if you forgot, you can apply it once the turf has been laid to help encourage the turf to establish.

5. Keep it tidy: Make sure to keep leaves and other debris off your new lawn. A new lawn needs as much sunlight and ventilation as possible to help it grow and to prevent diseases taking hold.

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