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Do I need topsoil before laying turf?

Unless the soil you're laying your new garden lawn in is already very nutrient-rich to start with we highly recommend a blended topsoil product laid directly under your rolls of garden lawn. Grass plants need around 15cm (6 inches) of good quality, macro and micro nutrient-rich soil to establish their roots into.

The soil directly beneath new garden turf is critical to its health, vibrancy and toughness. In most cases laying fresh turf is the perfect opportunity to add a layer of nutrient-rich topsoil to your lawn at the same time. Ideally, 15cm / 6 inches of quality topsoil will be provided for new lawn turf to root in. Whether you add additional topsoil and how much is entirely dependant on the quality of your existing soil, however.

The moist upper layer soil beneath your lawn is vitally important to the health of your garden as it contains millions of beneficial microbes and nutrients, filters and stores water that the roots of your lawn drink from and softens and absorbs the impact when you walk on your lawn.

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