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Can you lay turf over weeds?

No. Laying turf rolls over weeds is definitely not something we’d recommend for two key reasons:

1. The first reason for not laying turf over weeds is that the weed bed (even if the weeds are dead) will act as a barrier to the new turf’s roots and prevent it from growing and establishing.

2. Secondly, the weeds will eventually penetrate your lovely new lawn turf, and end up costing you a lot more money and time to resolve, than if you had got rid of the weeds first.

Before laying turf rolls, it’s always best to remove all the weeds, including the roots. You can do this by completely removing the old topsoil and refilling it with fresh nutrient rich (weed-free) topsoil.

Alternatively, you could apply a weedkiller to the area, then rake up all the dead weeds before applying a fertiliser prior to turfing.

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