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Can you lay new turf on top of an old lawn?

It's possible to lay fresh lawn turf on top of an older lawn but it's not recommended at all. It may be an easier solution, but in the long term, it will be far better for the health and vibrancy of your lawn if you remove the old grass first.

The major issue with putting new rolls of turf over an existing lawn is it makes it much more difficult for the root system of the new lawn to reach the soil. Not only do the roots need to stretch beyond the old plants but they will then find the soil below is riddled with the existing root structure from the old lawn. With regular watering its possible to keep your new lawn alive however over time your new lawn will start to gradually deteriorate as it struggles with the dead, compacted organic matter beneath it.In the end, you'll usually find your new lawn becomes increasingly challenging to maintain to a satisfactory standard.

It's far more beneficial to plan and do the work removing your existing lawn before putting down completely fresh soil for your new garden turf.

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