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Can you lay lawn turf in winter?

You may be surprised to learn that winter is actually a pretty decent time to lay a new garden lawn - provided temperatures are not below freezing. The two big advantages are that cold, wet weather keeps the rolls of turf from drying out longer and that you'll likely not be using your garden heavily, which will give your new lawn a chance to establish before it gets walked on.

Garden grass is a really resilient plant and even frost isn't especially damaging to it. The frozen ground makes it very difficult to lay turf, however - which is why you should be careful to avoid purchasing your turf when it's due to freeze. Even if your rolls of turf freeze though, they will keep for many weeks and can be laid when the temperature increases and they thaw.
The much milder winters we have been having in Great Britain in modern times mean the chance of actual freezing temperatures is greatly reduced anyway though.

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