Turf After Care – Watering

The most important procedure once your turf has been laid is the care you provide afterwards.

To follow are a series of blogs to help you keep up to date with how to care for your lawn.


✿ After purchasing your turf make sure you are equipped with a hose and/or sprinkling system to make watering as easy as possible in the drier months.
✿ If the temperature drops below 10c watering of your lawn is not as necessary, however if you see the turf becoming dry and brown in places – please water as appropriate. (if you’re laying turf in the warmer months – watering is always essential)
✿ After watering the lawn lift a corner of a turf to ensure the grass is moist all the way through and the topsoil underneath is also slightly moist.
✿ Your turf should be watered once in the morning and once in the late afternoon for 2 weeks to ensure the lushest of garden turf
✿ Make sure every section of the turf is watered – as the water will not spread.
✿ Finally and possibly most important, DO NOT walk on your lawn after watering. The turf is at it’s most fragile once watered, so leave the grass to “breathe” after watering for best results.

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