Spring Maintenance

Having had such a hard winter your turf is probably starting to look a little faded with the combination of rain and snow that we have had, and by all accounts, it is not over yet. Spring the apparent start of the nicer weather is yet to show itself and now there is more talk of snow before we hit ‘summer’.

Here is a quick guide on how to get your turf ready for the hotter months, if there are any?

Taking out the trash!

Start to remove any existing weeds from your flower beds and surrounding areas and continue to remove any extra growth.

Weed removal is a never ending battle, but a battle that needs to be won to keep your garden turf in tip top condition.

Bed Preparation
Much like Weed removal, Bed Preparation can be an ongoing task. A tip is to take regularly turn over flower bed areas. This helps to prevent weed. Flower beds with ‘solid’ soil is never good. Don’t forget that Ivinghoe Turf can deliver Topsoil direct to your door!

Your Turf…
March/April is normally the time of the year when you want to start looking to make some progress with your lawn and give it the care that it requires. However,  this year may be an exception due to the fact we are still having wintery conditions such as frosts.

If you are lucky enough to start to notice fresh growth on your lawn then now is the time to give it a cut. The first cut of the year will make or break your lawn success this year. Avoid getting the lawn mower out the shed if a frost is on the forecast or the ground is too wet.

Raise your lawn mower blade and ensure you cut no more than a third of the grass leaf, leaving two thirds in the garden lawn.

Worms can cause a mess in your lawn when they surface. Brush the pile away when it is relatively dry to prevent a skidding effect on the lawn.

After the first cut try to keep cuts regular and never cut more than a third of the leaf off. This will help to create a thicker lawn.

For any more help see our website for more online resources and guides to help you get your lawn in perfect condition.

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