Smart Watering Tips

If you want your garden lawn to stay green all summer long then you will probably need to give it a water. What you also need to remember is that brown grass is normal during the summer months and it is where the grass has shutdown, the grass is still alive underneath the surface but above will go brown. When the temperature drops down and we start to see rainfall again, your green garden will return.

Tuna Can method of Watering…

It is important if you are going to water your garden during the summer to ensure that you are watering the area correctly. Doing a 10 minute water daily is not sufficient.

The tuna can method allows you to water your lawn the correct amount. The method gets you to place an empty can within the reach of the sprinkler. Once the can has filled up half way, you have irrigated half an inch.

Once the can has filled half way, move the sprinkler to the next area of lawn, empty the can and repeat.

Leaving the sprinkler in one spot for an hour will also get you to around 1/2 inch irrigation level. A sprinkler timer may also be an option here.

It is best to water in the morning. Watering at night means the grass will be damp all night increasing the chance for fungus and similar to grow.

It is wise to get a watering schedule so the grass gets used to a routine, you do not want the lawn to be in and out of summer dormancy all the time.

The straw colour lawn is because the lawn has been deprived of moisture for over 45 days, the lawn is not dead in this position. After a few days of moderate temperature and moisture, the dormancy is broken and regrowth will take place.

Sprinkler on turf

Sprinklers are a great way of watering your lawn

Tuna can method for determining water usage in watering

Make sure the edges aren't sharp!

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