Mowing Wet Grass

Now we are into autumn, the weather is still pleasantly warm meaning that the lawn is still growing well. We have a mixture of sunny spells and rain encouraging growth and the lawn almost certainly needs regular cutting. We all know that it is better to mow a dry lawn, but other commitments mean we are not always able to drop everything to give our lawns full attention on a sunny day and sometimes we are forced to do the mowing when the grass is wet.

So here are some tips for mowing wet grass.


  1. Raise the cutting level so that the strain on the mower is less
  2. Likewise empty the grass box more often, wet grass is heavy
  3. Drag a hose across the lawn before mowing to remove a surface layer of water (if possible leave a short while after this to allow speedier drying after the surface layer of water is removed)
  4. Mow at lower speed to reduce strain on blade
  5. Unclog the blade frequently (always being very cautious and ensuring the mower is not able to start whilst doing this-unplug if electric, disconnect spark plug )
  6. If using an electric mower ensure it is connected via a circuit breaker
  7. Wash the mower after use and allow to air dry

Good Luck!

Wet Grass

Cutting Wet Grass


Lawn mowing in autumn

Autumn Lawn Cutting

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