Laying Turf Rolls

What is the best time of year to lay turf rolls?

Rolls of turf, unlike grass seed, provide a near instant transformation of your garden lawn.

The best time of year to lay your rolls of turf is mid-autumn due to the suitable climate and fact the soil is neither too wet or frosted over.

Turf that is laid during spring months often needs a lot of watering during the following summer.

Dry soil and mowing your lawn before the grass is fully rooted causes damage to grass and delays establishment.

The advantage over laying turf rolls rather than sowing grass seed is that you do not need to leave your lawn undisturbed for several weeks whilst the newly laid seed establishes This is perfect for a household with children or pets as the lawn is back in action within a couple of lays of laying.

What Type of Turf is Best?

The best type of turf for your lawn depends completely on your requirements.

At Ivinghoe Turf we grow a range of different turf varieties. Some are hard-wearing and perfect for the garden of an active family. Other grades of turf are more ornate and better suited to decorative gardens.

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