Lawn Repair

We have already discussed several aspects of lawn maintenance and good maintenance should help you retain a good quality lawn for a long period of time. Inevitably however there may be areas of lawn that become damaged and need repair. This may occur due to physical wear and tear or disease or chemical damage to an area of lawn.

Before repairing an area of lawn do remember that grass is a very resilient plant and areas of lawn that appear beyond recovery will often spring back into life with the right care and conditions.

BUT dead grass or no grass cannot recover!

If an area needs repair then the most appropriate repair will depend on the size and location of the damage. If the area is larger then pre-grown garden turf from a good supplier such as Ivinghoe Turf will be the best, quickest and least labour intensive method of repair. Simply dig out a few inches depth in the affected area, sprinkle a thin layer of top soil and water. Then  roll out the pre-grown turf, trim to fit if required and water well.

Laying turf

Repair with Garden Turf

If the area is thinning grass or very small it would be better to aerate with a fork, loosen the surface with a rake. Sprinkle the area with the correct grass seed and tread lightly. This will need more frequent watering ad as such is more labour intensive. Seed can only be sewn in milder weather so April to September.


Repairing garden turf

Repair with Seed

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