Lawn Cutting After Your Holiday

You return home from a lovely 2 week holiday and your lawn seems to have grown 6 inches! Firstly its probably your own fault!! You shouldn’t have cut it extra short before you went! That just encourages it to grow more vigorously!! Also you should have avoided feeding the lawn for at least 6 weeks before your holiday to avoid increasing its vigour.

Anyway-the lawn is far too long, so how are you going to tackle it?

  1. The following approach works best with a rotary mower-it will be much more difficult with a cylinder mower, so if you have a cylinder mower, if possible rent or borrow a rotary mower for a few days
  2. Raise the height of your blade to follow the 1/3 rule and give it a long cut, just removing the top 1/3 of the length of the grass
  3. 2-3 days later mow again on a lower setting, but still following the 1/3 rule
  4. Hopefully by the third cut, another 2-3 days later you will be cutting at your normal height


Mowing after a holiday

Cutting long grass after your holiday

Long lawn grass

Oh no-the lawn is too long

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