iRobot’s Terra Robot Lawn Mower

For some, mowing the lawn is intensely satisfying, however, for others, it’s a time-consuming chore. Help is on the way from iRobot, the company that gave us the Roomba robot vacuum.

Its latest creation, the iRobot Terra, is a grass-cutting robot designed to autonomously trim your turf. According to iRobot, the Terra will be as smart and as easy to use as a Roomba.

iRobot’s entry into the automated lawn care space is significant. It’s another signal this market is growing. The sophistication of robot mowers is also on the rise. Recently, multiple manufacturers announced that their models will soon work with Google Assistant and Alexa. They’ll boast better navigation too, thanks to onboard GPS.

Rugged Design

Much like standard floor cleaners, the Terra has a wheeled body that’s round and flat – likewise, the machine sits docked at its home base until it’s ready for action. A pair of thick rear wheels, complete with knobby tires, help the mower negotiate challenging environments outside.

Smart Technology

The Terra relies on a series of wireless beacons to triangulate its position. You’ll need to drive at least two of the thin, rod-shaped beacons into the ground to provide the Terra mower with a point of reference. Then you manually drive the Terra, via its mobile app, around the edges of your lawn. This helps the robot create a digital map of its surroundings. During this initial setup process, you also instruct Terra about areas it should avoid.

Quality Mowing

Enhanced navigation doesn’t just mean faster, more efficient mowing. iRobot says the Terra will mow in straight lines as a person would. As a result, the robot will cut grass into those attractive stripes your neighbours will appreciate. Thanks to electronically adjustable cutting heights, you can set the Terra to mow high in some places and low in others.

Lawn Turf & Topsoil Specialists

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