February Gardening Tips

With winter slowly drawing to a close it is important to start considering your turf. We have put together a few key tips to help you achieve your dream garden:

Keep it Clean – One way to ensure that your lawn grows strong is by removing any dead leaves or debris that has fell on it throughout the winter. As well as helping to keep your lawn turf dry, it also allows for some sunlight to reach the grass which is then used in photosynthesis. Moreover the likelihood of disease is also considerably reduced through preventing your lawn from becoming overly wet.

Aerate Your Lawn – Aeration can help to make your garden turf healthier by improving air exchange and water intake. One way to aerate your lawn is by using a solid tine spiking machine, this process enables the roots to grow much deeper and helps to reduce the level of soil compaction. If you do not have a spiking machine you can always use a garden fork to aerate your lawn.

Forking Turf

Forking Your Turf

Get to Mowing – Now that the coldest period has passed by the mowing can begin once again. Give your grass a mow every couple of weeks to help and regulate the height of your turf.

At Ivinghoe Turf we have been growing and supplying high quality lawn turf to our customers across Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire for over 30 years. Our hard wearing garden turf is used by gardeners, builders and landscapers to create beautiful lawns. We are able to deliver your garden turf to the majority of destinations across the UK using our very own fleet of trucks.

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