Can You Lay Turf All Year Round?

Natural Turf

Unlike what many people think, turf can be laid throughout the majority of the year provided that your soil isn’t too hard and compact. As a company, at Ivinghoe Turf, we harvest turf all-year round.

The best time of year to lay your rolls of turf is mid-autumn due to the suitable climate and fact the soil is neither too wet or frosted over however as long as your soil isn’t frozen, you can lay turf at any point.

High-Quality Turf Supplier

At Ivinghoe Turf, we have been growing and harvesting high-quality lawn turf for more than three decades. Our garden turf is suitable for decorative and practical means for your garden.

To receive instant pricing on our website, head over to our garden turf page – simply enter your required amount and postcode.

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